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From Doubt to Decision – The Essential Guide for Women and Men Over 50 Thinking About Whether to Stay or Go in Their Long-term Relationship

Guiding you through the confusion in your long-term relationship
I help you bring it back to life or end it and start again


Cori Josias

Is Here To Transform Your Life!

Here you are, the same place you’ve been for far too long. You’re at a critical point in your relationship and know it can’t continue like this. I understand why it’s hard. There is so much guilt, blame, shame, and anxiety over what could be one of the most important decisions of your life. You thought it would be a happily ever after, but it hasn’t turned out that way.

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Change is difficult, but it’s also liberating

I help empower women and men over 50 who have been unhappy in their long-term relationships and are now ready to fix or end it.

This is one of the most important decisions of your life. So, let's get this right. When you met your partner, you thought this would be one of those happily ever after stories where you meet "the one", and your life has changed forever. You never expected it to turn out like this.

So many couples go through this same problem. I was there once and am now pleased to say I have turned my life 180 degrees. I have a home, a career, and a beautiful new relationship. Anything is possible when you have the correct support and guidance, someone who can ask the right questions.

Embrace Freedom, Not Fear: Discover that 90% of people fear solitude, but solitude doesn't have to mean loneliness. Imagine the liberating feeling of freedom—doing what you want, whenever you want. This shift in perspective shows that being alone could be a refreshing breath of fresh air, turning your fear of solitude into the joy of autonomy and authentic self-discovery. And guess what! This doesn’t have to mean ending it. Maybe your relationship will be even better.

Find Your Core Values, Transform Your Love: Who are you? Do you seek adventure or safety, variety or predictability, connection or significance? Through targeted exercises, we'll clarify your core values because alignment with these values is crucial for the success of your relationship. We’ll also refine your communication style, so that you can communicate this more clearly in a way that doesn’t alienate your partner. We all speak love languages, so it will help you have a deeper understanding of the subtle differences. This comprehensive approach ensures the best outcome for a thriving partnership, together or apart, and a fulfilled self.

Embrace Change, Choose Your Path: Fear of change is natural, but commitment to transformation is critical. With the clarity of hindsight, the value of prompt, decisive action becomes apparent—minimising harm, conserving resources, and expediting healing. Unlike my past, where guidance was absent, you can navigate your decision with support, making an informed, empowered choice for your future. Looking back on the decision, you’ll understand a crucial message: though the decision was daunting, it was the quickest road to personal happiness and familial peace.

So look, it’s time to decide. No more pressing the snooze button on your life.

 You decide. You take back your power. You are the creator of your life. Learn how to feel good to begin making decisions that come from joy and hope. Secure your copy of
"FROM DOUBT TO DECISION" + 6 Bonuses Today for Just £4.99!

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Unlock Self-Discovery and Clarity: Dive into a journey of self-awareness and understand your authentic desires with a proven step-by-step system uniquely tailored to lead you to a clear and healthy resolution. Unlike many coaches who excel in listening and encouragement without a concrete plan, this approach empowers you to engage in transformative work actively. With personalised questions reflecting your unique situation, we delve deep into the dynamics of your relationship, ensuring a path to discovery and understanding specifically crafted for YOU and your partner.

Embrace Courage and Forgiveness: Unlock the transformative power of forgiving yourself for procrastination and lost time and forgiving your partner for not meeting your needs. This journey will demand courage as you awaken from the autopilot of routine and unhealthy patterns in your relationship, steering towards a future of conscious choice and renewed fulfilment.

Unlock Your Best Life: My approach ensures you'll never settle for less again. Remember your initial confusion about your relationship's viability? While this book alone isn't the complete solution - you have to do the work - it illuminates the core issues, guiding you towards clarity, confidence, and the conviction to make life-affirming decisions. Together, we'll navigate towards a path aligned with your true self.

Is This Book For Me?

Do you want to embrace change or remain stuck?

Do you want to move forward in your relationship or keep going backwards?

Do you want to be happy or defeated?

Are you a hostage or a champion?

My book is your guide to uncovering that crystalline clarity that transforms doubt into decisive action. It's about waking up to a life where gratitude and peace are not just fleeting moments but constant companions because you are precisely where you need to be.

This journey with me is more than just deciding to stay or leave; it's about discovering the confidence to live authentically and without regrets. I understand the burden of feeling like you've let others down, but we will overcome these fears together. At your core, you know what matters most. Yet, the courage to chase true happiness can seem just out of reach. Through my book, I'll show you that immense joy, gratitude, and, most importantly, confidence in your decisions are possible and within your grasp. You'll learn to realign your life around what brings you joy, bolstering your self-esteem with each step forward. This isn't just about making decisions; it's about reshaping your entire approach to life. Dive into the pages where I'll walk you side by side towards a future you've dreamed of but never dared to believe could be yours. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Unlock Your Full Power and Find Yourself Again

Reclaim Your Destiny: Embrace the Power to Shape Your Future. Discover the Joy of Deciding and Knowing with 'FROM DOUBT TO DECISION' + 6 Exclusive Bonuses.
Yours Today for Only £4.99!

Unlock Authentic Growth: Dive into 'FROM DOUBT TO DECISION' and transform waiting into action. Discover the power of aligning your decisions with your values, conquer inertia, and become the best version of yourself. It's time to stop waiting for change and start creating it. Your journey to growth and resolution starts now—embrace it and watch your life transform.

Embrace Your Reset: 'FROM DOUBT TO DECISION' guides you to understand the power of an inner shift. With maturity comes the freedom to prioritize personal values over external opinions. Discover that it's never too late for transformation—every day is an opportunity to reset, make decisive choices, and align actions with your true path. Commit to change and navigate life with a newfound direction and purpose.

Craft the Relationship You Crave: 'FROM DOUBT TO DECISION' is your roadmap to achieving the relationship of your dreams, whether it's enhancing your current partnership, embracing the joy of being single, or embarking on a new romantic journey. Understand that making a pivotal decision can set the universe in motion to support your desires. With focus, commitment, and the proper guidance, discover how to navigate the complexities of your emotions and desires. Learn the art of creation—shaping your thoughts and actions to foster a relationship filled with appreciation, low conflict, fun, and growing intimacy. This book isn't just about finding happiness and creating a life filled with gratitude, joy, and fulfilment. Join us in crafting the vibrant, fulfilling life you deserve.

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Hear From Others Using The System


If anyone is looking for guidance or a coach to support them through a change then you are highly recommended from me. I am in a much better place and whilst life is not always easy, I have a toolbox of questions to ask myself or think about if I find myself slipping. You have fantastic experiences to share and a whole heap of understanding that makes the world of difference. You inspire me to move forward positively and hold my head high on the way.


It is really never too late to change your life and feel better. I encourage anyone reading this to reach out to Cori!  You won’t regret it – find her on Facebook, watch one of her videos, book a call or join a group or course. You will begin to look at things differently . If you do the work it will absolutely transform your reality. Today I am so much lighter, wiser, more certain and kinder to myself. My spirit feels like it is healing and more energized - and I am not living in numbness like I was for so long. I have grown so far beyond where I was when I first met Cori. So thankful I am not there anymore. 


I felt a personal connection with Cori, I sensed she had had a similar journey
like me, and I joined her program. During the six months we worked together she was always supportive in my personal transformation. She has profound knowledge of the material and could lead us through the at times challenging modules in an empathetic and understanding way. I love her vulnerability, the authenticity, her humor and creativity - also that she sometimes can be very direct. 

Get the Digital Book + the 6 Bonuses Today

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Change is difficult, but it’s also liberating
For Just £4.99

The cost of "From Doubt To Decision" is a simple one-time investment of just £4.99.

Your digital copy of "From Doubt To Decision" will be sent directly to your inbox immediately, allowing you to begin your journey from uncertainty to precise, confident decisions regarding your relationship and personal growth.

Within "From Doubt To Decision," you'll unlock decades of wisdom, actionable advice, and transformative strategies for navigating the complexities of relationships, ensuring you make informed choices that align with your deepest values and desires.

Alongside your purchase, you're also getting access to 6 invaluable bonuses.

I understand the challenge of absorbing all this potentially life-changing information, which is why "From Doubt To Decision" is designed for ease of use, offering insights you can apply immediately... well as providing a comprehensive guide to achieving personal fulfilment and happiness, whether you rejuvenate your current relationship, embrace the strength of solitude, or open your heart to new love.

To guarantee you have all the tools you need to apply the lessons of "From Doubt To Decision" independently, I include these 6 bonuses at NO EXTRA CHARGE with your order today.

These additional resources are meticulously curated to enhance your understanding and application of the core principles you'll discover in "From Doubt To Decision".

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for Just £4.99
And Get All These Bonuses For FREE…

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Discover the Truth About Your Relationship: Take Our Free Quiz Now!

Dive into our Free Relationship Quiz and uncover the clarity you need in your love life. Whether you're torn between staying or leaving, feeling disillusioned after the honeymoon phase, or overwhelmed by the complexity of untangling a shared history, this quiz guides you through the murky waters of decision-making. It's designed to provide personal insight, objective evaluation, and guided reflection, leading to actionable outcomes for a happier, more fulfilling future. Embark on this journey of discovery and embrace the opportunity to make informed, confident decisions about your relationship.


Discover Your Path – Take the Quiz Now!


Discover how to navigate the challenges of loneliness with Cori's transformative video. If you're feeling isolated, whether within a relationship or dreading the idea of solitude, this half-hour session is packed with empathy, practical advice, and strategies to turn loneliness into a springboard for personal growth. Cori, drawing from personal experience and the collective challenges faced during Covid, offers unique insights into overcoming loneliness by viewing it as an opportunity for self-discovery and development. This video provides relatable guidance, empowering you to make informed decisions and use loneliness as a catalyst for a more connected and fulfilling life.


Begin Your Journey – Watch the Video Here!

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Bonus 3 - 5 biggest relationship mistakes Bundle.png


Join Cori in her enlightening free webinar, "Uncover the 5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Women Over 50 Make," and embark on a journey to revitalize your relationship decisions. Suppose you're navigating the complexities of love after 50. In that case, this webinar sheds light on common pitfalls—from the dangers of inaction and settling for less to the blame game, the myth of it being too late, and fears of financial instability. Cori offers more than insights; she provides a roadmap to avoid these mistakes, empowering you with targeted, actionable advice for women over 50. This is not just an opportunity to gain knowledge but to transform your understanding and approach to your relationship. Don't let past misconceptions hold you back. Watch Cori's webinar today and take control of your relationship future with confidence.


Embark on a transformative journey with Cori's video, "THE 3 C’s TO DECISION MAKING," and unlock the essentials of relationship decision-making: clarity, courage, and commitment. If you're standing at a relationship crossroads, this video is your beacon through the fog, guiding you to confident and informed choices about your future. Cori expertly navigates you through achieving clarity by aligning your core values and goals with your partner, empowering you with the courage to voice your truth and commit to your chosen path. With tailored insights and practical strategies, this video is designed to bolster your decision-making process, whether you're considering staying or moving on. Dive into Cori's wisdom today and take control of your relationship future, armed with the confidence and tools to steer your life towards fulfillment and happiness.

Bonus 4 - the 3 C’s to decision making Bundle.png
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Bonus 5 - 10 tips to empower your decision Bundle.png


Step into a brighter future with our exclusive video, "Ignite Your Future: Discover the 10 Life-Changing Tips for Energy and Optimism." In this pivotal guide, Cori reveals ten transformative strategies interlaced with personal anecdotes and uplifting guidance to navigate the crossroads of your relationship. These tips are more than advice; they are the building blocks for a life filled with authenticity and joy. From establishing a morning ritual that radiates positivity to embracing the therapeutic power of nature and creative expression, each suggestion is designed to elevate your daily life. Cori also highlights the importance of your social circle and the invaluable role of guidance on your path to self-discovery. This video is tailored for those facing significant relationship decisions, offering practical and easily applicable tips for substantial life improvement. It's a call to action for personal growth, urging you to make decisions from a place of health and happiness. Join Cori in this transformative webinar and begin your journey towards becoming your happiest, most authentic self. Don't let hesitation hold you back; embrace this chance to reshape your life and relationships with Cori's expert insights.


Dive into "Discover Your Path to Empowerment," a compelling video where I share my journey of ending a 20-year marriage at 57, offering insights and guidance for those at life's crossroads. This video is not just my story but a beacon of hope and a roadmap for anyone facing pivotal decisions, blending relatable experiences with lessons learned to inspire courage, resilience, and self-discovery. It's an opportunity to see your situation from a new perspective, drawing strength from shared struggles and embracing the chance to make decisions that lead to authenticity and happiness. Available for a limited time, this video invites you to leverage my journey towards your transformative decision, encouraging you to step into a future defined by fulfilment and true to your desires.

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For Just £4.99
And Get All These Bonuses For FREE…


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Cori's Commitment to You: A Risk-Free Journey Towards Empowering Women and Men Over 50 who have been unhappy in their long-term relationships and who are now ready to decide whether to fix them or end them.

Understanding the profound challenges in relationships that can lead to significant emotional divides, Cori promises to help you get unstuck from relationship limbo and see the wood for the trees. That’s why it's so important to dive deep into what’s happening for you seriously and earnestly. With the depth of experience and heartfelt advice encapsulated in her "From Doubt to Decision" book, Cori is dedicated to helping you bridge the gaps that have emerged in your partnership.

Here's Cori's straightforward assurance:

The insights and strategies shared in "From Doubt to Decision" are designed to address the concerns highlighted here and beyond. If, for any reason, you find that the book does not meet your expectations or provide the value you sought, Cori invites you to reach out directly to her team at Without any questions asked, you'll receive a full refund for your purchase. This guarantee covers a full year, reflecting Cori's confidence in her ability to assist you in reigniting the spark of intimacy and ensuring your satisfaction with the journey.

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For Just £4.99
And Get All These Bonuses For FREE…


Get Everything Above Today for
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