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Moving On From Betrayal

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

My Defining Moment

Have you ever had a defining moment? I am pretty sure you have. A bereavement, a business failure, a broken relationship. Maybe you are moving on from betrayal. These are all defining moments. No one can escape them.

Moving On From Betrayal

As some of you will know through several of my recent shares, I had such a moment recently. It wasn’t huge, but it was life-changing. It wasn’t a death, but it was a betrayal. One thing I can say is, I did not see it coming. Such is the power of delusion.

Sometimes a wake-up call comes at you like a smack in the face. Sometimes the universe has to scream in your ear before you listen. Sometimes, you ignore these signs, and keep trudging along wondering why nothing is changing.

The beautiful side of pain, when used effectively, is that you have the CHOICE to make new decisions about what’s important in your life.

Of course, I acknowledge that there are some traumas that can take years. It takes as long as it takes. If that’s you, I’m wrapping my arms around you right now. Sending you the most love I can muster. Let’s talk.

Here’s the thing. From that raw, vulnerable place you can make a choice. You can always choose love. You can choose connection. You can choose to use that pain to serve all the other millions of people who go through excruciating trials on a daily basis. You can serve others because you know what they are going through. Maybe not now, but eventually.

I was indeed fortunate. Moving on from betrayal, my pain was sharp but short. It still pinches a bit. There is still a smidgen of the shock that would hit any open-hearted person. The disbelief. “Did that really just happen?”

In the aftermath, I began to reframe my life. Here is what I decided. Triple my business and find my soul mate. Help as many people as I can. Spread as much love as I can. As I said in the video STOP PLAYING SMALL AND STEP THE F**K UP! Above all, trust that the universe has given and continues to give me exactly what I need.

I’m still standing. Wait, let me reframe that…. I’m RUNNING towards my dreams. I’m so in love with my life right now.

If this resonates, get in touch. What the hell are you waiting for?

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